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Allow me to share some of my story with you.

I knew things, I mean really knew them, from the time I was little. For instance, I knew I had been different people before. I thought everyone knew these things about themselves. I knew that I could move things, energy, if I just tried hard enough. I also knew that I was very aware of other energies that I couldn't see with my eyes. I knew things with certainty when I was young. 

Fast forward to my teens when I was told "That's not real." I heard this enough that I put it away for as long as I could.

Then in my 20s, I became curious again. In 1989 a man named Gary Zukav wrote a book, The Seat of The Soul. I read it right away. 

This book changed my life! I had so many question from those years of not using my gifts. Seat of the Soul answered them and created more questions at the same time.

Shortly after that my dreams started to change. They were real, they were clear, and they were coming true! 

By this time I had to know more. There was no internet back then but, there were book stores. So many more books were bought. Then one day my gifts exploded and I went running to the local college to see if they had some kind of class that would help me. They did! I signed up for my first metaphysical class that day. Then I took the next and the next. I continually learned and mastered my craft in the coming years. 

Now, this perennial student has become the teacher. I believe that we are all healers. I believe that we are all beacons of light just waiting for our chance to shine. That's why I do what I do now. It's why I teach, it's why I heal, and why I'm on this journey with you. 

Today I hold four different Reiki Master certificates, along with other energy modalities certifications.

Most important of all is Illumination™.


I'm a medical intuitive specializing in fear and in womb issues. Most especially, pregnancy. 

I Wish You Light,


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