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01/19 - 01/23

Looking for direction? Have questions for the universe and your guides? Come join me at my table.



Energy Work

At this time, our whole world is on lock-down. Currently, my practice has moved into Distance work only. I'm seeing new clients from all over the country now. I'm booking  30 minute sessions only.

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Energy Work

At this time, our whole world is on lock-down. Currently, my practice has moved into Distance work only. I'm seeing new clients from all over the country now. I'm booking  30 minute sessions only.

Please read more and

book your appoints here. 

Illumination™ Healing 

Illumination is a new modality brought down to us for these times. It is a very high vibrational energy that burns with a blue hot flame that has ability to burn off all that no longer serves you. This is a very different kind of healing with very long lasting results. 

This is the very embodiment of soul work.


As we raise our own vibrations there are things that need to be left behind us so that we are free. 
Let Illumination do that for you.


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Ancestral Healing

This is the kind of work that is done for more than yourself. This is done for you as well as your ancestors. There are issues and traumas that passed down generation after generation. Here, we break the chain. We stop it from continuing on to your children. 

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Heart Ignition

It's time to ignite your heart energy center. 


When using this heart ignition we bypass all the many ways that your heart may be closed down, blocked, or our of balance. We use a much higher dimensional energy than what you're used to do to be able to  open you up to unconditional love. 

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Healing Work

My healing work is an amalgamation of all the tools in my toolbox. I have 4 different types of Reiki Master Certification. I can't help but use the best of all of them. Reiki is the base for my healing work, but you may want or need something more. I listen to your body and your guides and use whatever tool I'm told to use.

Some of what is included in a regular session is:

  • Holy Fire III Reiki

  • Crystal Grids

  • Singing Bowls

  • Mediumship

  • Magnified Healing

  • Shamanic Drumming

My clients tell me that regular sessions help them to feel more:

    • grounded

    • peaceful

    • calm

    • focused

    • comfortable

    • energized

    • balanced
      And they:

    • sleep better

    • believe in themselves

    • set boundaries  

    • move forward

    • make deeper connections

Crystal Grid

Crystal Bed sessions are a wonderful way to re-charge, re-energize and get re-aligned with the power of crystals. I've been using crystals  over 30 years. Now you can experience this specialized healing from crystals on a whole new level.

What Crystal Grid Healing can do for you:
*Cleansing & Clearing
*Expansion of chakra energy
*Peace of mind
*Connection to Spirit
*Increased and deeper sleep
*And more

In these sessions I feel into your energetic field to find what needs adjusting. With my years of experience and knowledge of the crystals, I"ll choose what stones you’ll need to make these adjustments. I'll follow that with a moment of Reiki Energy placement, then I’ll leave you to absorb the energy and to comfortably adjust into this.


When you come to sit at my table with me you get to spend another hour with your loved ones who have moved on.  

I find this to be a very healing experience for my clients. 

Everyone's experience is different. Why? Because, you never who's going to come in for you. Or what Spirit Guides may come in too. 

Each time you come to sit with me it's like getting one more hug from them.  We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll do it together. 

Tarot & Life

Looking for direction? Have questions for the universe and your guides?
I'm happy to help you find your answers by connecting to your guides, angels and the universe.

Come join me at my table.

Past Life Regression

I will take you on a journey that can fully encompass who you were in another life time. You'll see, with your minds eye, the things that you were part of then. You may feel, physically and emotionally, and even smell what was a part of that life. The lifetimes that will come up are there to help you to process what is happening in your life today.

Together we can do up to three lifetimes in an hours session. 


With as many years experience as I have, I've got a lot of knowledge in metaphysics that I love to share. 

I do my mentoring work two ways; 
1 on 1, for personal guidance


Group, for the full tribe to come together to help each other and share what they've been through too. The group meets twice monthly via webinar. Then twice monthly again, individually, you're encouraged to reach out to Andrea via email for more. 

Inner Child

It can be gentle and extremely calming, or it can be quite intense. I'd love to give you a full description of what this healing entails but the truth is that it's different for every person. Please contact me here to get a feel for what your session will do for you. 

Distant Healing

I have clients from coast to coast who see me via Zoom for their healing. When we meet in this manner we're together for 30 minutes. Why half the time as usual? Because we have no physical boundaries when we're together in this way. You'll be amazing at how good you feel in such little time. My clients tell me of wonderful and exceptional results happening this way. 


At this stage in my growth and practice, I've found that people come to me for advice and insight. I've been mastering my craft for over 30 years and have had the benefit of many teachers over these years. As I've learned, I've shared my lessons. 

I now have put it all together to guide you though this metaphysical world and am eager to be you "person." 

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Join the Tribe

In this program, I create safe space and communal support to allow you to expand your exploration of all things metaphysical. Bring your personal energy, your questions, your experiences, and your curiosities and allow yourself to be guided to a deeper understanding of the metaphysical realm.

* 90 minute group webinars  twice monthly
*Private emails twice monthly
*Private  Group
* A tribe of like-minded people
*Safety to explore a variety of metaphysical topics of your choosing.

Let me be your person.
I have been on my own metaphysical journey for over 30 years. I have taken and taught a variety of classes, workshops, and have held many sold out events. I started my metaphysical journey with a single step. Now, it’s time for me to hold space for you as you walk your path. 

*Live Webinar sessions are our tribe time and will occur on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 7pmEST.  

*Investment for all of this is only $44/month.

I Wish You Light

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01/19 - 01/23

I Wish You Light